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Are “Smart Devices” Making Us Age Faster?


Did you know that technology we’re addicted to makes us look older faster? It’s true. Using smartphones, iPads, laptops or other hand-held devices for several hours a day leaves telltale creases above the collarbone, which make you age.

And it’s not as much using them per se, but how we use them.

Craning our becks for example. These habits can lead to a serious loss of muscle tone in your neckline, which is causing a modern-day dilemma we call “tech-neck.”

All this constant bending down to look at our devices causes the collagen and elastin on the neck to break down faster than your body can rebuild them. Before long, you start to see the signs of sagging.

As skin loosens, the connection between the dermal and epidermal layers of skin starts to come apart. This “dermo-epidermal junction” is critical for youthful skin. It’s the message center between your skin’s layers. It maintains skin cohesion.

And it carries essential nutrients up to the epidermis for healthy skin.1

As this junction breaks down, your skin begins to lose elasticity and firmness. You start to see wrinkles and sagging around the neck.

Scientists have discovered a compound that can rebuild this connection between the skin layers. It’s a protein called hexapeptide-10 (HP-10). Studies show it stimulates the formation of the vital building blocks of the dermo-epidermal junction.2 In other words, HP-10 restores the connection between the dermal and epidermal layers of skin. That improves skin tightness and elasticity.

In one study, HP-10 was tested on healthy volunteers for 60 days. It boosted skin elasticity by 9%. Skin compactness improved by 53%. It also enhanced skin tone by 46%.3 All of that helps tighten up “tech-neck”.

Another important aspect of reducing neck wrinkles is a special kind of “face yoga” exercise.

Try to include these practices in your daily skincare routine. And if you want to be more targeted, use products specifically designed for the neck and décolleté.



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