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Could a flower outsmart your body’s fat cells?

I’d heard that in this faraway island paradise, there’s no word for “diet.”

But I was still surprised to see what my new friends in Bali, Lelir and Westi, had made us for dinner. I expected them to eat like birds, but every single dish on the table was rich, creamy or sweet.

My first bite of bubuh injun had me wondering how in the world the Balinese stay so slim.

I’d just flown halfway around the world to see for myself if what I’d been reading about could possibly be true: Could they eat as much rich food as they want throughout Bali and still stay naturally thin?

I may have found the answer hiding in Lelir and Westi’s everyday routines. It’s a fat-melting flower that’s one of Bali’s best-kept secrets.

And the truth was even better than I imagined.

You see, Bali is a place that doesn’t give up its secrets easily. After centuries of being invaded and conquered by hostile nations, the Balinese have become fiercely protective of their culture.

That might be why so few people know the full story behind one of their most celebrated treasures.

They call it sacred lotus (Nelumbo nucifera). I saw its large, pink petals blooming above the surface of freshwater ponds. A few times I saw peddlers selling its unusual fruit, which grows right in the center of the flower and looks like the spout of a watering can. But most of the time I saw it carved into intricate stone statues outside of Hindu temples.

Lotus Flower

The sacred lotus accelerates the breakdown of fat, essentially draining it right out of your fat cells.

Westi told me that the sacred lotus represents divine beauty and purity, and has symbolic importance in the Hindu religion, which most Balinese practice.

Although it seemed to be everywhere I went on the island, very few outsiders know what this beautiful flower can really do.

The sacred lotus may hold the key to helping you achieve accelerated fat reduction.

Researchers were able to see this at work in a recent animal study. They found that sacred lotus appears to have slowed down the animals’ natural process of making new fat cells…and signaled for the breakdown of existing fat at the same time.1

Sacred lotus seems to specifically target fatty tissue. It helped keep the animals from gaining more weight – and many even dropped weight.

Another animal study suggested that sacred lotus interfered with the body’s digestion and absorption of fat and carbs. At the same time, it accelerated the breakdown of fat and helped the body melt it faster.2

These preliminary results are very exciting and I anticipate that human clinical trials will show a similar benefit. The results look very promising in my opinion.

Imagine what a relief it would be if this fat-melting flower could have the same effect for you… making it even easier to drop weight when you add it to the efforts you already make to melt off those excess pounds.

But that was only the first slimming secret I uncovered in Bali. My friends Lelir and Westi had the second one growing right in their own backyard, a treasured spice that shuts down fat cells.

I wasn’t surprised when Ni Wayan Lelir (pronounced Nee Why-an Lee-leer) told me, “We don’t like to go to doctors. We don’t need chemicals. We use the herbs surrounding us. Like for immune health, we use turmeric.”

Lelir is a fifth-generation herbalist from a long family tradition of natural healers, called Balians. She learned the art of Jamu medicine from her mother and grandmother, and has spent years developing formulas in her workshop that you can’t get anywhere else. Her husband, named I Made Westi (Eye Mah-dee West-ee), is an agriculturalist and herbalist, and he oversees their incredible herb garden.

People come to Lelir and Westi’s herb shop for nearly everything you can think of; immune-strengthening teas, detoxifying tonics, skin soothers… even organic cocoa butter and lip balm.

But while I was there, I didn’t see one person come in asking for help with their weight. They don’t need to. There’s no sure way to know why this is true, but the speculation is that it’s because of what they eat.

This includes eating powerful roots like the turmeric many of them get every day from Lelir’s “Jamu” formulas (Jamu means herbal healing in Javanese). And they cook with turmeric too.

Westi took me to see the turmeric plants in his garden, growing on a huge plot of land tucked away in the jungle high in the mountains near his home town of Ubud. There were at least 6 different kinds of turmeric there, in rows as far as I could see.

Herbalist Ni Wayan Lelir

Westi shows me row after row of turmeric growing in his herb garden in the lush tropical forests of Bali.

I’d already known about turmeric’s power to support immune health and promote proper inflammatory response. But I suspected there was something else at work in this plant.

Turns out that the active component in turmeric, called curcumin, is also thermogenic – it may help increase metabolic rate! Think of it like turning up the heat in your cells. The temperature goes up and the fat is converted into energy.

Back in my Florida office, I found an eye-opening study from the USDA’s Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University.

When they gave animals curcumin and a fat-inducing diet for 12 long weeks, the obese mice actually shed weight!3 It seems the curcumin “induced apoptosis of adipocytes.” It caused the death of fat cells.

No wonder there’s no word for “diet” in Bali.

But shedding excess fat is only part of being able to reduce weight. Another component has to do with reducing hunger.

And when I traveled to India, I learned something from a long tradition of tribal hunting that’s virtually unknown in the West. There’s an ancient cactus that can give you iron willpower.

Tribal hunters in India know a little something about controlling their appetites.

They go away on hunting trips for a week at a time and they only bring a few handfuls of an unusual edible cactus with them as food.4

These hunters know that they’ll be traveling great distances in harsh conditions, and all of their supplies have to be carried on their backs. They have to carry all of their water, too, so there’s not much space for pounds of food. And despite all of these forces working against them, these hunters aren’t fatigued. They are energized and focused on the success of the expedition.

The cactus makes it much easier for them. In fact, they’ve been relying on it for hundreds of years.

It’s called Caralluma fimbriata, and its nickname is “famine food.” Not only does this cactus suppress the appetite, it gives you the feeling of being satisfied and full. Even better, it also increases endurance and quenches thirst.

Instead of struggling to adhere to a strict diet, this cactus makes it easier for you to feel satisfied. It could reduce your hunger and help get you through that hungry period after you eat smaller meals.

When you combine this ancient cactus with the potential fat-melting power of sacred lotus and turmeric…you have a triple-action formula you can use as part of your effort to become the slim, sexy, confident person you’ve always wanted to be.

I couldn’t wait to get the word out about these remarkable herbs from around the world. I started working on a new formula right away that would bring Bali’s secret home to you—and just in time for the New Year.

I call this new weight-reduction formula Bali Slim… and it just became available for the first time.

I think you’ll find it to be a powerful and helpful way to melt off unwanted fat and help put the brakes on hunger.

But I wouldn’t consider making Bali Slim without adding a certain mineral that I use with my patients. I’ve published dozens of articles on it and I believe it’s essential for any weight-reduction plan.

In fact, it works without you having to do much of anything.

I’m talking about the mineral chromium. It helps promote balanced blood sugar levels which may help control your appetite, and help manage food cravings, especially for sweets. It also has the ability to carry protein where your body needs it most, helping your body choose to build muscle over storing fat.5

Chromium plays an essential role in the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats and has been shown to promote cardiovascular health.

Dr. Gilbert Kaats and a team of researchers from the Health and Medical Research Foundation and the University of Texas Health Science Center studied over 150 people to see if they could improve their body composition by taking chromium.

The people were told not to change anything else… just take chromium.

After three months, the group taking the placebo showed no changes. The chromium group shed between 3.4 and 4.6 pounds of body fat.6 In addition, the chromium group gained an average of 1.4 pounds of lean muscle.

I’ve experienced similar benefits at my clinic.

And combined with the weight-reduction herbs I discovered in Bali, I believe you have an excellent addition to your weight-reduction efforts.

Based on my experience, I can tell you that adding Bali Slim is one of the best ways to get a lean, attractive body.

But with a few tips on choosing the best fat-melting foods, you can also get better results from Bali Slim with a simple secret I give my patients.

Bali Slim can help shrink your fat cells and take your mind off hunger. But what about the foods you eat every day?

Bali Slim works best when you eat smart and follow the fat-blasting shortcut that I’ve shown my patients.

All you have to do is pay attention to the glycemic load.

You’ve probably heard the word “glycemic” before, and maybe you’ve even heard of something called the “glycemic index.”

But there’s a difference between the “index” and the “load.”

The glycemic index (GI) measures how quickly foods break down into sugar in your bloodstream. High-glycemic foods like carbohydrates turn into blood sugar very quickly.

Blood sugar that your body can’t or won’t process gets stored as fat. So it’s foods with excess carbs that can make you fat.

The idea is to eat foods that don’t spike your blood sugar. The GI helps with that, but it won’t tell you how much carbohydrate per serving you’re getting.

That’s where the glycemic load (GL) comes in. The GL makes it a lot easier to shed weight and keep it off by helping you choose foods that deliver a smaller load of carbs.

That makes it much more practical for your everyday life because the GL tells you how fattening a food is.

But the best part is, you won’t feel like you’re depriving yourself. It’s a way to eat smart, and help you know which of your favorite foods can assist in your efforts to slim down.

For example, here’s a tip that will help you build a better sandwich: Cheddar cheese and pumpernickel bread have a much lower glycemic load than Swiss cheese and a Kaiser roll.

I’ve put together an easy-to-use chart that will show you lots of simple swaps like these.

I’ve included this chart, along with more of my best strategies for melting fat, in my three-part, special-edition New Year’s Resolution Kit: How to Become the Sexiest Person You Know in 2012. In this kit, I show you exactly how to use the glycemic load. You’ll find many of your favorite foods on it!

And I’ll give it to you free when you order a 6-month supply of Bali Slim. You’ll have the tools you need to shed the excess pounds—and keep them off—all through the summer.

It’s my way of saying thanks for trying Bali Slim.

Here’s a quick look at what you’ll find inside your FREE copy of the New Year’s Resolution Kit: How to Become the Sexiest Person You Know in 2012:

  • Part 1: The Glycemic Guide.This guide shows you how to use both the glycemic index and the glycemic load to further fat-shedding efforts. You’ll get an extensive listing of the glycemic index and glycemic load for many of your favorite foods…plus my tips for putting together a delicious fat-busting meal.
  • Part 2: Build Your Dream Body the Easy Way. “Fitness experts” have got it all wrong. You don’t need to spend hours at the gym to look good. I’ll show you a faster, smarter way to get fit…and it only takes 12 minutes a day. I’ll also reveal the top 3 exercise myths that could be ruining your health.
  • Part 3: Feast on the Fatty Foods You Really Love. Get an inside look at why fat is NOT the enemy…and why cutting it out of your diet can actually cause you to pack on more pounds! I’ll show you how to tell the good fats from the bad…so you know which ones to feast on and which ones to avoid like the plague.

The experience I had in Bali was transformative, and I believe Bali Slim can help you with your own transformation. And I’d like for you to try it yourself with no risk or regret.

The idea is simple. Take Bali Slim and stay with your diet and exercise plan. Use my fat-blasting shortcut—the glycemic load—for even better results.

When Bali Slim arrives at your home, I invite you to give it a shot. See if it’s everything you hope it will be. If you don’t like the results you get with Bali Slim, for any reason at all…you’ll get a full refund, no questions asked.

Even if you ask for a refund, you’ll get to keep your special reports with my compliments.

Combine Bali Slim with the fat-dropping secrets you’ll find in my New Year’s Resolution Kit: Become the Sexiest Person You Know in 2012. You’ll get the attractive, lean body you’re looking for. Choose your package below and get started today.

To Your Good Health,
Al Sears, MD
Al Sears, MD

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1 Bin X, et al, “Nelumbo nucifera alkaloid inhibits 3T3-L1 preadipocyte differentiation and improves … body fat accumulating in rats,” Journal of Medicinal Plants Research. 2011; 5(10):2021–28. 2 Ono Y, et al, “…effect of Nelumbo nucifera leaves extract in mice and rats,” Journal of Ethnopharmacology. 2005;106(2):238–44. 3 Ejaz A, et al, “Curcumin inhibits adipogenesis in 3T3-L1 adipocytes and angiogenesis and obesity in C57/BL mice.” Journal of Nutrition. 2009;139(5):919–25. 4 Kuriyan R, Raj T, Srinivas SK, Vaz M, Rajendran R, Kurpad AV. “Effect of Caralluma fimbriata extract on appetite, food intake … in adult Indian men and women.” Appetite. 2007 May;48(3):338-44. 5 Anderson RA, “Effects of chromium on body composition and weight l,” Nutri Rev. 1998 Sep; 56(9): 266–70. 6 Kaats GR, et al, “The effects of chromium picolinate supplementation on body composition: A randomized, double-masked, placebo-controlled study.” Current Therapeutic Research. 1996; 57(10): 747–56.\

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