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How to get better skin

The key to remaining biologically young is to keep your telomeres as long as possible. As a regular reader, you know telomeres are the protective caps at the ends of each chromosome strand. The longer your telomeres, the younger your cells behave. But the shorter they are, the more vulnerable… Read More

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Reboot Your Hunger Hormones

seaweed salad

My patient, A.B., knows the agony of dieting all too well. Her weight had yo-yoed repeatedly between 130 pounds and 180 pounds for more than a decade. Like most people trying to lose weight, A.B. blamed a lack of willpower and her genes for her diet failures – and so did her doctors. But… Read More

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Weight Loss for Christmas?

Weight Loss

Traditionally, the holidays are a time of indulgences with an abundance of enticing food at parties and family gatherings. Weight loss is often saved for a New Year's resolution. That's because most people think losing weight means strict dieting and deprivation. But that kind of weight loss is… Read More

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Feed Your Face Beautiful

Today's toxic food supply is making you look older than your years.Thanks to Big Agra, our food supply is full of fake and unhealthy ingredients.Fast foods, easy-to-prepare processed meals and starchy, sugary snacks are causing our bodies to age prematurely.It is possible to turn back the hands of… Read More