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How to get better skin


The key to remaining biologically young is to keep your telomeres as long as possible. As a regular reader, you know telomeres are the protective caps at the ends of each chromosome strand. The longer your telomeres, the younger your cells behave. But the shorter they are, the more vulnerable you are to “old age.” […]

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Vitamin C Is Your Stem Cells’ Secret Weapon

foods high in vitamin c

People underestimate the power of vitamin C. After all, this humble nutrient can boost your immunity… help you avoid heart disease and stroke… protect your eyes from macular degeneration… reduce inflammation… and protect against certain kinds of cancer. Vitamin C can even help you look decades younger. A lack of vitamin C in your diet […]

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Reboot Your Hunger Hormones

seaweed salad

My patient, A.B., knows the agony of dieting all too well. Her weight had yo-yoed repeatedly between 130 pounds and 180 pounds for more than a decade. Like most people trying to lose weight, A.B. blamed a lack of willpower and her genes for her diet failures – and so did her doctors. But the […]

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How Triphala Can Help Your Skin AND Your Gut


Our modern food supply is made up of inflammation-causing foods like refined sugars, cheap vegetable oils, and processed carbohydrates. This toxic brew often causes your gut’s microbiome to become dangerously out of balance. This affects all of your organs – including your body’s biggest one, your skin. One way to protect your complexion is by getting […]

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Eliminate Hunger and Lose More Fat


You’ve heard me talk about the many benefits of collagen before — and how it smooths fine lines and wrinkles from your skin, repairs aching, swollen joints, and strengthens hair and nails. But collagen also plays an important role in weight loss. Let me explain. The gelatin inside collagen peptides increases satiety and stops you from feeling hungry. […]

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Eat this to lose 2x the body fat

Eat this to lose 2x the body fat

Imagine a pill that could erase years from your face… improve your hair and nails… and fight the diseases of aging including diabetes, osteoporosis, and arthritis. Well, it’s not a pill… But there’s a peptide that can do all these things and more. As a regular reader, you’ve heard me talk about both the skin […]

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Weight Loss for Christmas?

Weight Loss

Traditionally, the holidays are a time of indulgences with an abundance of enticing food at parties and family gatherings. Weight loss is often saved for a New Year’s resolution. That’s because most people think losing weight means strict dieting and deprivation. But that kind of weight loss is old-fashioned and outdated… and doesn’t work. Deprivation […]

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The Truth About Collagen Bone Broth…


If you’re a regular reader, you know I recommend using the bones of your Thanksgiving turkey to make a collagen-rich broth. Pasture raised turkeys are leaner, healthier, chemical free, and retain their natural coloring. Natural, animal-derived collagen is one of the best strategies for getting rid of wrinkles and restoring elasticity to aging skin. But […]

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Feed Your Face Beautiful


Today’s toxic food supply is making you look older than your years. Thanks to Big Agra, our food supply is full of fake and unhealthy ingredients. Fast foods, easy-to-prepare processed meals and starchy, sugary snacks are causing our bodies to age prematurely. It is possible to turn back the hands of time and regain the […]

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