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Anti-Anxiety Oil that’s 451% Safer


Andrea came to my clinic looking for a natural therapy to treat her anxiety. She’d been plagued with symptoms — irritability, agitation, stress, insomnia and panic attacks — for months. Andrea isn’t alone in how she’s feeling. It turns out the country is in the middle of an anxiety epidemic. In fact, a brand-new survey […]

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Stem Cells Regrow Lost Finger


Stem cells are your master cells. They are the basic building blocks of your entire body. And these “replacement cells” that you were born with are blank slates that can be used to replace any kind of cell that’s damaged, old or dying. When you were younger, your body could bounce back from an injury. […]

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Mood-Enhancing Effects of Curcumin


A recent study confirms what I’ve seen firsthand in my own clinic. The powerful antioxidant curcumin is also a proven mood-booster. One of the women on my staff, C.R., came into my office one morning to talk to me about her 15-year-old son. He’d been irritable and moody and sleeping a lot lately. Most mornings, […]

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Stem Cells Beat Stroke


Stem cell therapy is offering new hope to stroke victims. And the results are exciting. Take 31-year-old Sonia Olea Coontz whose dream wedding suddenly turned into a nightmare. A devastating stroke left her unable to move her arm and leg. It also impacted her speech. Soon, even the smallest tasks, like calling her family, felt […]

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15 Minutes to Better Sex


At my clinic, I treat women with a procedure nicknamed the “O” shot… It’s a quick, painless procedure that will put the spontaneity back into your sex life. It uses platelet-rich plasma, or PRP for short. I’ve used PRP in my patients to heal injuries and aching joints. I’ve written to you before about how […]

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Nutrient Luteolin Reduces Breast Cancer Risk


Millions of women in the U.S. have taken Big Pharma’s hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Their doctors prescribe it to try to relieve the symptoms of menopause. Like hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and weight gain. But what the drug companies try to pass off as hormones are actually synthetic concoctions. They are fake versions […]

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Lose 5 Pounds of THIS


By the time you turn 50, you could have almost five pounds of toxins trapped inside your body. Coursing through your cells, tissue and organs… You see, we weren’t designed to live in a modern world of manmade chemicals, toxins and pollutants. For millions of years, we had clean air and pure water. But in […]

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Powerful Spice Balances Blood Sugar


Traditional doctors have hundreds of drugs they use to treat diabetes. The problem is… Big Pharma’s meds have failed to prevent or treat today’s worldwide diabetes epidemic. And it’s only going to get worse. Plus, their expensive drugs come with a long list of nasty side effects, including weight gain, dizziness, cardiovascular reactions, flu-like symptoms, […]

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The Incredible Flying Nonagenarian


Not many 95-year-olds are still out running, yet Olga Kotelko was shattering world records in sprinting and jumping. This track and field legend sprinted, jumped and threw the javelin. And, by the time Olga Kotelko finally stopped competing — at age 95 — she’d won more than 750 gold medals and had shattered more than […]

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