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Vitamin C, Your Second Line of Defense…


Sales of vitamin C have tripled in the past six weeks. But unfortunately, the effect it’ll have on you, your neighbors, friends and loved ones is probably nothing. Why? Because, your body can only absorb 500 mg of this kind of supplement at a time — and that’s nowhere near enough. That’s why the Sears […]

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Get Your Glow on After Menopause


Menopause doesn’t have to mean dry, wrinkled skin. Hormonal aging is one of the main reasons why a woman’s skin starts to change during menopause. But it’s not because you have too little estrogen. It’s because you have too much… You won’t hear that from your dermatologist or your OB/GYN. Traditional doctors are still convinced […]

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Big Vitamin D That Fights All Respiratory Disease


The first thing your immune cells do before they fight off an invading pathogen like a virus is search for vitamin D. If this isn’t at an optimal level, your immune system won’t function properly. You see, vitamin D has anti-inflammatory properties that are necessary for the activation of your immune system defenses.1 Plus, this […]

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Shine a Light on Back Pain


Elsie was one of the first patients I saw when I started at the Sears Institute. So when she called me in tears, I told her to come in right away… Elsie was leaving on her dream vacation to Africa in less than a week. But she could barely stand up. Her lower back pain […]

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Your Body’s First Line of Defense


I’m washing – I’m washing! And so are you, I’m sure. The advice is all well and good, but it completely ignores your body’s most important defense: your immune system. Your immune system is the main barrier preventing harmful pathogens like viruses and the common flu from entering your body. And strengthening your immune system […]

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Natural, Safe, Effective Menopause Relief


For years, the FDA and Big Pharma teamed up to keep bioidentical hormones out of your hands. In fact, not long ago the California Medical Board put the “gynecologist to the stars” on probation for four years. Dr. Prudence Hall’s only so-called crime was prescribing natural solutions to patients suffering from debilitating menopausal symptoms. They […]

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Reduce Fear of Falling, Regain Independence


My patients tell me that the number-one fear they have about getting older is losing their independence. Having to move into a nursing home or becoming a burden to their children… So I remind them that the key to remaining independent for life is avoiding the potentially lethal consequences of falling. Every year, more than […]

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Protect yourself from a plastic world


The World Health Organization came out with a new report revealing just how much plastic is in our drinking water.1 Ironically, they tell you not to worry — because drinking these plastic microparticles won’t hurt the human body. It’s mind-boggling and just plain wrong. These microplastics are full of “alien” estrogens that lead to a […]

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Going Japanese


The Japanese have been using this secret spice to stay slender for centuries. After all, 70% of their diet is made of carbs, but they have the lowest obesity rates of any country in the world.1 The Japanese call this seasoning wakame or hijiki. It’s a brown seaweed extract also known as fucoxanthin. Its fat-burning […]

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