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Lose 5 Pounds of THIS


By the time you turn 50, you could have almost five pounds of toxins trapped inside your body. Coursing through your cells, tissue and organs… You see, we weren’t designed to live in a modern world of manmade chemicals, toxins and pollutants. For millions of years, we had clean air and pure water. But in […]

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Powerful Spice Balances Blood Sugar


Traditional doctors have hundreds of drugs they use to treat diabetes. The problem is… Big Pharma’s meds have failed to prevent or treat today’s worldwide diabetes epidemic. And it’s only going to get worse. Plus, their expensive drugs come with a long list of nasty side effects, including weight gain, dizziness, cardiovascular reactions, flu-like symptoms, […]

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The Incredible Flying Nonagenarian


Not many 95-year-olds are still out running, yet Olga Kotelko was shattering world records in sprinting and jumping. This track and field legend sprinted, jumped and threw the javelin. And, by the time Olga Kotelko finally stopped competing — at age 95 — she’d won more than 750 gold medals and had shattered more than […]

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Dare to Go Bare


If you’ve ever suffered from toenail fungus, you’re not alone. I see this condition a lot in my South Florida clinic. The humidity here is relentless and fungus is quick to thrive. But it’s not just a problem in warm climates. In fact, 10% to 15% of all adults have a fungal infection of the […]

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Heart-Gut Healing Connection


You’ve heard that old expression… the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well as it turns out, this also applies to women… But not in the way you might think! Heart disease has become the No. 1 cause of death for women in this country. But there’s new breakthrough research that shows […]

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Crush Migraine Pain with Melatonin


If you’ve ever experienced the crushing pain of a migraine headache… I have good news for you. The all-natural sleep miracle, melatonin, has a hidden benefit… It’s also a potent pain reliever. Most doctors tell migraine patients to lie down in a dark room and take the prescription drug Imitrex. But this drug has terrible […]

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Grandmother Trades in Her Tylenol for This…


I’ve started to tell you about the amazing benefits hemp oil has for your health. But 61% of Americans are still confused about this 6,000-year-old cure-all.1 Hope Bobowski certainly was. But today this 80-year-old great-grandmother is one of the oil’s biggest advocates. Let me explain… Hope was suffering from severe osteoarthritis. It was so debilitating […]

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Lose Weight While Sunbathing


Being out of sync with our natural environment is the root of many of our modern diseases. And it has even contributed to our current obesity epidemic. Spending time outdoors can help you shed pounds. But something as simple as laying out in the sun can help you lose weight. Let me explain… A breakthrough […]

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Do You Need a Detox for Copper Toxicity?


Copper Toxicity is on the Rise Do you remember the old-fashioned saying: “Find a penny, pick it up. All day long, you’ll have good luck”? It was one of my grandmother’s favorite. She used to say it every time she saw the coin sitting around. Now, pennies may be considered good luck… But too much […]

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