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Your Body’s First Line of Defense


I’m washing – I’m washing! And so are you, I’m sure.

The advice is all well and good, but it completely ignores your body’s most important defense: your immune system.

Your immune system is the main barrier preventing harmful pathogens like viruses and the common flu from entering your body.

And strengthening your immune system and keeping it functioning at a high level is your first line of defense against foreign invaders.

Two often overlooked elements of an immune-boosting strategy are keeping your stress levels low and getting a good night’s sleep.

For example, research shows people under greater levels of stress have a higher risk of subsequently developing a cold than those who are able to keep stress levels in check.1

And when it comes to sleep, another study found that people who sleep more than seven hours a night were four times less likely to develop a cold than those getting less than six hours of sleep a night.2

And that’s where CBD comes in . . .

CBD works by directly targeting and suppressing harmful pro-inflammatory cells like tumor necrosis factor alpha, or TNFα, thereby bolstering your body’s natural immune defenses.

In fact, a brand-new review of existing studies on CBD and immunity concludes, “Considering all the studies conducted on immune responses and inflammation, the data overwhelmingly demonstrate that CBD is immune suppressive and anti-inflammatory.”3

In one study of children with complex motor disorders, the researchers found that administering CBD resulted in significant improvements in overcoming sleep difficulties.4

And another recent study of patients suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder found that CBD possesses powerful anti-stress properties.5

Feed Your 2 Immune System Entry Points

While I recommend experimenting to see which method works best for you, here are two ways to take CBD to improve your sleep and lower stress, thereby strengthening your overall immune health.

  1. Consider taking a CBD softgel to improve sleep. One of the advantages of taking a CBD softgel is that some of the CBD gets broken down by your liver before circulating into your bloodstream. This allows for a steady, timed release compatible with a good night’s sleep. Another advantage is that taking a softgel allows you to precisely control and adjust the dose as needed. Some patients report that CBD can induce drowsiness, which is why I recommend taking a softgel approximately 30-45 minutes before turning in for the night.
  2. Crush stress quickly with a CBD oral spray. When it comes to stress, most of us are looking for maximum relief in the shortest time possible. That’s why I recommend a CBD oral spray for those times when time is of the essence. Spraying under your tongue and allowing it to swish around for 20 or 30 seconds is the fastest way for CBD to enter your bloodstream and immediately begin to feel its stress-busting effects.

A high-functioning immune system is still your best defense against every type of foreign invader, and CBD can be a powerful addition to your disease-fighting arsenal.

To Your Best Health Ever,

Rachel Koenig
Ageless Beauty Secrets

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