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Injuries Healed without Surgery

When you feel her calming energy, you would never guess Kata went through a crippling car accident that left her in constant pain. At the time, the damage to her neck and spine was so severe, her doctors started preparing her for multiple surgeries. They told her she’d be in a neck brace for the […]

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Veggie Delays Cellular Aging By Decades

Today, I want to tell you about a plant that Ayurvedic practitioners call the most important herb for women at every stage of their life. Doctors in India have used it as medicine for over 5,000 years. In Africa, I met healers who used it to cure the flu and other viruses. This same plant […]

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Alpine Snow Flower Has Real Lifting Power

I know how incredible Mother Nature’s medicine cabinet is when it comes to plants and herbs with anti-aging properties. But every once in a while, I discover something so powerful that even I’m blown away by it. Today, I want to share my latest amazing find with you… It’s a tiny white snow flower that […]

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Neck Giving Away Your Age

As an anti-aging doctor, I frequently see how a good beauty routine can really pay off. Many women I see look a good 10 years younger than the age on their charts. Until I look at their necks. You can have smooth, glowing skin on your face, but if you neglect your neck… what’s the […]

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Bye-Bye, Eye Bags!

When I ask my women patients to tell me the one thing that bothers them most about their appearance, a lot of them point to the skin under their eyes. They think the puffiness and saggy skin makes them look run-down and tired… and older than they feel. Most of them have tried every under-eye […]

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Common Spice With Uncommon Anti-Aging Power

I log more than 20,000 frequent flyer miles every year in my search for natural cures and remedies from around the globe. In fact, I just arrived in Africa a few days ago! Africa is home to thousands of healing herbs that traditional healers have used to treat and prevent illness and disease for thousands […]

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Discover Curcumin’s Anti-Aging Power

Most people in the West have heard about the health benefits of turmeric by now. Studies prove this incredible root may treat every one of the diseases we link to aging. That the active compound in turmeric — curcumin — helps reverse Alzheimer’s… heart disease… diabetes… and even cancer.1 But when it comes to anti-aging, […]

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The Anti-Aging Perks Of Coffee

Women don’t have it easy. You’re the one who holds your family together. You usually take care of the household. Sometimes you do it all while working a full-time job. It’s a lot to do… Too often, the nights are just too short. And all you can think of as you drag yourself out of […]

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The Hottest Anti-Aging Treatment

As an anti-aging specialist, I’m always on the lookout for innovative ways to help my patients look and feel their best. And I have a great new way to restore the smooth, glowing skin of your youth. The best part? It’s not painful and doesn’t involve a long recovery — like some mainstream procedures like […]

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The New Frontier In Anti-Aging Beauty

I made a prediction about the next frontier in anti-aging beauty. I’m talking about mitochondria. The little organelles in each of your cells that are the source of energy for your whole body. So far, most research has focused on what these little battery packs mean for your heart and brain. But they are also […]

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Anti-Aging Secret from the Rainforest

  In my search for Nature’s healing secrets, I’ve encountered some fascinating cultures. One of the most ancient and knowledgeable about healing herbs has been the Ashaninka people of Peru. Since before recorded history, the Ashaninka have lived close to the land along the headwaters of the Amazon. I was one of the first Western […]

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Laser IV Therapy Benefits

I know laser IV therapy works, because I tested it on myself. I’m talking about a new kind of treatment that will make you feel alert and energetic — which is especially important the more you age. You won’t hear about it from mainstream medicine, which regards IV laser therapy as “experimental” — but it […]

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Anti-Aging Secrets of the 8th Element

Oxygen … we all need it to survive. It’s the basic fuel for cell metabolism. Cut back on oxygen and all of your cell processes slow down. And your risk of illness and disease goes up. So, are you getting enough of it? Probably not. That’s why I recommend hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) to my […]

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The “Organic” Way To Looking Younger

The way you think about aging is about to change forever. You no longer have to accept that you’ll become sicker as you grow older. And you no longer have to be greeted in the mirror each morning by dark circles under your eyes, dry, sagging skin and wrinkles you’re sure weren’t there before. Exciting […]

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Serious Anti-Aging Therapy

Today, I want to talk to you about serious anti-aging oxygen therapy.  You see, if your oxygen levels are even a little low, your body lets you know right away. You feel fatigued. You get aches, pains and nausea. You get headaches and brain fog. You even gain weight. And if you let it go, […]

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Your Environment Can Be Making You Look Old

You are the inspiration for Ageless Beauty Secrets. Every time I sit down to write an issue I think about you. I want to answer the questions that are on your mind. And I rely on you to let me know what you’re thinking.So when you spoke, I listened.In our recent survey, many readers told […]

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Nature’s Most Powerful Age Fighter

When I lecture at anti-aging conferences around the world, I get a good sense of what the leading anti-aging physicians are thinking about. And I’m surprised by how many are still holding out hope for an anti-aging “drug.” But I’m not holding my breath. And even if the FDA approved a drug for aging, it […]

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An Ancient Fix For Backache

Too many doctors refuse to think outside the narrow confines of the mainstream medical establishment – especially when it comes to chronic back pain. Back pain is one of the most common reasons Americans go to the doctor, which explains why it’s also one of America’s biggest businesses. But I never cease to be astounded […]

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Beat The “Energy Crisis” With IV Laser Blood Therapy

As you age, you lose energy. Everyone feels that, including you. But knowing where that energy comes from, and how to replace it, means you don’t have to suffer like everyone else does. If you accept the idea that you can get older and still feel alert and energetic, a whole new world opens up […]

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New Research Reveals Anti-Aging Tips

As one of the first board-certified anti-aging doctors in the world, I’ve had the privilege of being at the forefront of telomere biology. And I’ve followed the latest advances closely with a view to applying these new developments to the treatment of my own patients at my wellness clinic here in Florida. I recently read […]

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Sneak Peek At The Younger You

I have exciting news to share with you. It’s about an important anti-aging technology breakthrough. This discovery harnesses your body’s own powerful healing factors to repair and regenerate your skin. It can take years off your appearance. And there’s no surgery… no injections… no peeling… no painful chemical burning. It’s like nothing we’ve seen before. […]

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Jump Start Your Own Healing Power

Stem-cell therapy is the future of anti-aging medicine. It has the potential to cure chronic diseases and ailments we once accepted as a natural part of the aging process – including cancer, heart and lung disease, diabetes and joint pain. But stem-cell therapy not only aids degenerative and debilitating conditions. It also has the power […]

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Sneak Peek At Stem Cell Breakthrough

Today I want to tell you about an advance in anti-aging that will affect us all. It’s a powerful way to heal your body and rejuvenate damaged tissue. I’m talking about stem cells. Stem cells are perhaps the ultimate natural healer. In fact, they are so important to the future of anti-aging medicine, I’ve given […]

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Hidden Healing Power In Your Blood

You have a powerful “healing factor” flowing through your blood right now. It’s virtually unknown to mainstream medicine, and it’s never been offered to you by any doctor. Yet this natural substance is so potent, it has the potential to rebuild aching joints, and make your face and skin look 15 years younger. It’s a […]

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