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Alpine Snow Flower Has Real Lifting Power

I know how incredible Mother Nature’s medicine cabinet is when it comes to plants and herbs with anti-aging properties. But every once in a while, I discover something so powerful that even I’m blown away by it. Today, I want to share my latest amazing find with you… It’s a tiny white snow flower that […]

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Get Perfect “China Doll” Skin

Have you ever heard someone describe a woman as having “porcelain skin”? It’s a real compliment. It means the woman has skin that’s smooth and flawless… like a China doll. China dolls were all the rage long before little girls started playing with Barbies. And they were known for their gorgeous complexions. Women spend a […]

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Neck Giving Away Your Age

As an anti-aging doctor, I frequently see how a good beauty routine can really pay off. Many women I see look a good 10 years younger than the age on their charts. Until I look at their necks. You can have smooth, glowing skin on your face, but if you neglect your neck… what’s the […]

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My Free 12-Minute Wrinkle Remedy

Every year, more than 2 million Americans shell out hundreds or even thousands of dollars for chemical peels and microdermabrasion procedures. Mostly women. They want to get rid of lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet. They want to look younger. I get it. But today I’m going to tell you about a proven wrinkle remedy that’s […]

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Nature’s Healer For Dry, Sensitive Skin

Even though the humidity stays high for most of the year in South Florida, many of my patients have dry skin. And I know it’s worse for people who live in other parts of the country. Especially during the cold winter months, when you turn up the heat indoors. It’s like living in a desert! […]

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To Banish Blemishes, Do This

I’ve treated enough female patients over the years to know that having smooth, blemish-free skin is important to all women — whether they’re 16 or 46. But dermatologists take a one-size-fits-all approach to treating skin problems like acne. They prescribe antibiotics, birth control pills or drugs. Here’s why that doesn’t work… The acne you get […]

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Save Your Skin, Save Our Oceans

Ever notice how great your face feels after you exfoliate with a facial scrub? It feels soft and refreshed, right? Exfoliating not only removes the tired, dead cells on your skin’s surface, it also speeds up the skin renewal process, allowing new healthy cells to take their place. That’s a good thing… What isn’t good is what’s sloughing […]

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Bali’s Botox Plant Can’t Be Beat

Every time I look out my window here in South Florida, I’m back in Bali. The vibrant pink and red hibiscus flowers growing in my garden remind me of this island paradise. You see, in Bali, hibiscus is everywhere. It grows wild along roadsides and deep in the jungles. In all these places, hibiscus has […]

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The Italian Secret To Beautiful Skin

Many women come to my office with uneven skin tone. They want to get rid of age spots, old acne scars, large freckles and liver spots. And they don’t want to spend a lot of time and money on the painful treatments dermatologists offer. You see, most skin doctors try to blast off the outer […]

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Beauty Sleep In A Bottle

Sleep is one of the most powerful anti-aging skin therapies I know of. You see, your skin has its own natural rhythm. During the day, it protects you from environmental threats like chemicals, toxins, or too much sun and wind. At night your skin works to repair and renew itself. But very few of my […]

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Andes Mountain Oil For Better Skin

I just got back from Bogotá where I spoke at a regenerative medicine conference on the advances we’re making in anti-aging medicine. I’ve been to Peru, Ecuador, Brazil… but this was my first time to visit the Andes mountains in Colombia. On one of my previous trips, I discovered Sacha Inchi Oil… and put it […]

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Beware Of Broad Spectrum Sunscreens

It’s summer again. All over the country people are slathering on their sunscreen. And women with fair skin who burn the most are reaching for the highest SPF they can find. But here’s the sad truth. The higher your SPF the MORE skin damage you’ll get from a day in the sun. Let me explain. […]

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Is Coconut Oil Right For Your Skin?

On my last trip to Jamaica, I asked a good friend how she kept her skin from drying out. This lady is outside in intense sunlight from early morning till sunset. But her skin stays soft, radiant and wrinkle-free. Her answer may not surprise you. Coconut oil. Applied lavishly twice a day. Coconut oil is […]

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African Promise Of Younger-Looking Skin

I’ve made several trips to Africa in the past few years. One was for pleasure: to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. Several have been to meet and work with local healers and herbalists. And some have been because of the connections I’ve made with the people there. As you may know, I co-founded the Kimbra Foundation a […]

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Banish Your Eye Wrinkles For Good

I’ve researched all the established — and even experimental — procedures, treatments, and formulas for preventing and erasing fine lines and wrinkles. But they all come down to one thing — moisture. Especially the wrinkles under your eyes. Let me explain. Loss of moisture is the real culprit behind deep lines and wrinkles that make […]

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Why Your Skin Is Starving

Like most women, you’ve probably been fed the big FAT lie. Since the 1970s, mainstream medicine and the government have been preaching about the evils of fats. They couldn’t be more wrong. As an anti-aging doctor, one of the first things I do for my patients is make sure they’re eating a primal diet. And […]

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The Rainforest Lift For Your Skin

During one of my trips into the Amazon Rainforest, I heard about the Guarani tribe, and their ancient herb they use to fight fatigue and maximize physical endurance. It works. We were on a grueling 18 hour trek through the jungle. But the whole time my mind was crystal clear. I never felt worn out. […]

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Eat Fat For Younger Skin

Like most women, I’m sure you’ve heard the myth — take lots of calcium and you can prevent osteoporosis. But the truth is that today’s world osteoporosis epidemic isn’t caused by a lack of calcium — in spite of what mainstream medicine and Big Pharma tell you. The fact is that calcium is added artificially […]

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Exciting Discovery Makes Aging Skin Young

We’ve figured out how to harness your body’s own potent healing powers in human growth factors (HGFs). We have known for years that your body makes HGF proteins to repair damage. And these HGFs are critical to heal wounds and regenerate injured tissues.1 But I want you to understand just how amazing this latest anti-aging […]

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Eat Fat For Younger Skin

Low-fat dieting was the biggest nutrition mistake ever made. Back in the 1970s, the government started urging us all to stop eating fat. Not long after that, obesity rates in America went through the roof. But that’s not the only damage a low-fat diet will do. It can make you look old before your time. […]

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Is Sugar Giving You Wrinkles?

Sugar kills. Most women know of its link to obesity, diabetes and heart disease. But it also does terrible damage to your skin… In your body, sugar molecules attach to proteins in a process known as glycation. This produces harmful sugar-protein compounds, called advanced glycation end-products, or AGEs. AGEs can affect all organs and tissues […]

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Anti-Aging Breakthrough From The Alps

It’s not just the passing years that take a toll on a woman’s skin. It’s also the hostile environment you live in. You see, we live in a world where women face constant exposure to damaging UV radiation, pollutants, dry air and wind. All of these ravage your skin. They rob you of vital moisture […]

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Rainforest Secret To Youthful Skin

People in the Amazon refer to it as “the pharmacy in a fruit,” because of its numerous health benefits. It’s called cupuaçu (pronounced “koop-oo-ah-soo”) and it’s the Amazon rainforest’s secret to radiant, youthful-looking skin. I first encountered the super fruit a few years back while trekking through a remote part of the Brazilian rainforest. I […]

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Sunscreen In A Pill…

Getting sunshine every day protects you against major diseases. That includes osteoporosis, heart disease and even cancer. But too much sun can also damage your skin and speed up aging. Mainstream skin doctors have only one solution. They tell you to slather your skin with commercial sunscreens. As usual, mainstream medicine has it wrong – […]

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