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The secret acne cause… constipation?


Women are three times more likely to suffer from constipation and are often embarrassed to talk about it. Unfortunately, that means they don’t get the help they need. And there’s more to it than just discomfort and bloating. It plays a big part in how your skin looks. I’m talking about a condition called acne-constipation. […]

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The Downside of Face Masks


I want to talk to you about masks, because many people are now being forced to wear them. There’s something you should know… they may damage your skin’s microbiome. Organized medicine doesn’t even acknowledge the role of the microbiome on your face, but let me tell you what it does. Your microbiome is an invisible […]

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Feed Your Face Beautiful


Today’s toxic food supply is making you look older than your years. Thanks to Big Agra, our food supply is full of fake and unhealthy ingredients. Fast foods, easy-to-prepare processed meals and starchy, sugary snacks are causing our bodies to age prematurely. It is possible to turn back the hands of time and regain the […]

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DIY Celebrity Cheek Sculpting


I’m not a big believer in trying the latest Hollywood beauty trends. Most of them seem pretty silly, and some can be downright dangerous. But every once in a while, I come across a “trendy” beauty routine that I can connect to. Like the Inner Facial… I first experienced it when I was living in […]

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“Dirty” Skin is Beautiful Skin


Have you ever been told you look younger than you really are? I’m sure it made your day. Heck… it probably made your whole week. After all, in our culture youth means beauty. But maintaining a youthful-looking complexion is tough. Especially when your skin is under attack from your own skincare products. Some of the […]

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Do a Skincare “Diet”


There’s a new skincare trend that’s got the Internet buzzing… It’s called a “detoxing face fast” and it basically means you stop putting any products on your skin. No cleansers, no moisturizer, no makeup — nothing. The only thing you do is wash your face with warm water. It may sound like a good idea. […]

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Stop cleaning your skin


Two thousand years ago, wealthy Roman women used to wait for hours outside the Colosseum as virile gladiators fought each other inside the arena — sometimes in a fight for freedom… and sometimes to the death. Women in ancient Rome collected the sweat and oil of gladiators and applied it to their skin. After the […]

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Omega Oil Erases Crow’s Feet

Omega Oil Erases Crow’s Feet

A patient I’ve been treating for depression came in to see me last week. She was feeling amazingly good after taking a supplement I recommended for her. But she wanted to talk about something else entirely… Turns out the omega-3 that treated her depression also rejuvenated and revived her skin. Before taking the omega-3, her […]

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Sweet Local Favorite For Your Skin!


Bali holds a special place in my heart. When I was a young boy my father told me tales of this island paradise from his World War II days. He painted an amazing picture of endless beaches, impenetrable jungles and the warm, generous people who lived there. The papaya trees in Bali are bigger and […]

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