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Anti-Aging Doctor Reveals Secret to Ageless Skin

I’m going to show you how you can slow down the aging of your skin and reverse the signs of aging – without drugs or surgery. The secret I’m about to reveal is so groundbreaking that your dermatologist would love to share it with you. He hasn’t heard about it yet. Neither has your doctor […]

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Is Your Face Cream Lazy?

I used to waste a lot of money on over-the-counter lotions, serums and creams thinking they would transform my skin. But after enough trial and error, I realized they weren’t doing much of anything. Now I know why… You see, your skin normally holds 10 to 20 percent water. But as you age, that number […]

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The Purest Way to Wash Your Face

Washing your face and getting that last layer of makeup off is something you do every day… but there may be a “hidden cost” to this nightly ritual. Truth is, many of these “beauty products” are full of alcohol and chemicals that act like paint thinner. These chemicals hide behind scientific names like “ethoxylated alcohol” […]

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Skin-Saving Tip from the Top of the World

I have fulfilled a life-long dream of mine. I climbed Africa’s Mount Kilimanjaro. It’s the highest walkable point on Earth. And, it’s only two degrees from the equator. So it’s about as close as you can get to the sun. On the summit at almost 20,000 feet, I looked east and west. I felt like […]

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What Does Natural Really Mean?

Natural doesn’t necessarily mean what you think it does. I couldn’t believe what I was finding on some of these products labeled natural … petroleum distillates, ammonia, parabens … and other chemicals that could not only harm your skin, but have adverse effects on your health.

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