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How to have beautiful skin


Nature’s most powerful age-fighting fat Just like your body needs fat to be healthy, so does your skin. A low-fat diet robs your skin of moisture. And dry skin adds years to your face! The right kinds of fat in your diet are the good omega-3 fatty acids found in nuts and fatty fish like […]

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How To Naturally Perk Up Your Complexion?


Sometimes your skin just needs a little wake-up jolt. Caffeine is a great way to perk up your complexion. In the same way that a cup of coffee gets you going in the morning, a topical application of caffeine can perk up your skin and stimulate circulation. I’ve recommended it to my patients for years. […]

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How To Feed Your Face: Bamboo for Skincare

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If you’re caught in the beauty industry’s wheel of cosmetics, you’ll want to hear this. They’ll tear you down just so they can sell you more of their products. Bamboo plants contain a mineral called silica that boosts collagen production in your skin. But the truth is timeless beauty isn’t about what you put on […]

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Amazonian “Sacred Herb” Reverses Skin Aging


The first time I saw this healing plant growing wild in the Amazon rainforests of South America, I had no idea it held such age-reversing power. It’s a healing herb the native people of Peru call the “Sacred Herb of the Rainforest.” But they also call it cat’s claw (Uncaria rhynchophylla). It gets its name […]

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Anti-Aging Breakthrough From The Alps


It’s not just the passing years that take a toll on a woman’s skin. It’s also the hostile environment you live in. You see, we live in a world where women face constant exposure to damaging UV radiation, pollutants, dry air and wind. All of these ravage your skin. They rob you of vital moisture […]

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New “Vampire” Therapy Turns Back The Years


I’ve seen a lot of cosmetic therapies come and go over the years. Some work well enough.  But others cause more damage than benefits. You just have to look at some aging Hollywood actresses to see the pitfalls of too much plastic surgery. But right now, I’m working on a cosmetic anti-aging therapy like nothing […]

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Makeup Causing Breast Cancer?

“Nearly all the women tested had it in their breast tissue.” That caught my eye. I was looking through my stack of new medical and health journals for the month of March. The journal Applied Toxicology has a study where researchers in England looked at samples from women with breast cancer.

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Remarkable skin rejuvenation


I saw the disbelief on my staff’s faces. Every expression around the conference table seemed to ask, “Is this for real?” “I’m not kidding,” I told them. “This is real skincare, the way it should be.” I had handed out copies of a new study where the women all had age-related skin problems. Yet a […]

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Beauty Butter from a Brazilian Fruit

  I stopped short in a large clearing. A crowd of native tribesmen were hard at work. They were gathering big, brown, fuzzy fruits the size of small melons. My guide scooped up one of the fruits. With a big knife he cracked it open like a coconut and offered me some of the creamy […]

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