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Your Once-a-Week Face Brightener

There’s one simple piece of advice I give to every woman who’s frustrated with her skin.

It takes just a few minutes, but it’s the easiest way to:

  • Minimize your pores
  • Even out your skin tone
  • Chase away those red marks that linger from your last breakout
  • Give your face a smoother appearance
  • And even help your makeup go on more evenly

I’m talking about exfoliation—clearing out the dry skin cells that build up in your pores and on the surface of your face.

It turns out that a lot of women begin to skip this step once they’re out of their 20s. But whether your skin is oily or dry, sensitive or acne-prone, young or mature…exfoliation will make all the difference in the way you feel about your skin.

It happens all the time at the clinic. My patients come in feeling at war with their complexions. No matter how much they cleanse and moisturize, they just can’t seem to get clear, youthful skin. But after I remind them to exfoliate at least once a week, they start to look and feel a lot better.

What seems to surprise them the most is the smoother makeup application. But think about it—when dry skin cells accumulate on your face, your makeup can stick to them and create a patchy, uneven look. This is especially true if you wear mineral makeup.

By exfoliating once or twice a week, you can transform your face into a “clean canvas” and get back that youthful glow.

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Kamila Fiore, ARNP, NP-C

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[Ed. Note: Kamila Fiore is the resident Nurse Practitioner at the Sears’ Center for Health and Wellness in Royal Palm Beach, Fla. Kamila is passionate about taking a natural approach to healthcare. She believes it’s a vital necessity in this day and age – a time when our health is being jeopardized by the chemicals, toxins and processes that are incorporated in almost everything we consume, touch or breathe. She earned her Master of Science degree in Nursing from the University of Florida and became state-licensed and board-certified in 2007. Her professional experience includes Aesthetics, Internal Medicine/Geriatrics and Anti-Aging. Kamila educates her patients on health promotion and disease prevention.]