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Anti-Aging Breakthrough From The Alps

It’s not just the passing years that take a toll on a woman’s skin. It’s also the hostile environment you live in. You see, we live in a world where women face constant exposure to damaging UV radiation, pollutants, dry air and wind. All of these ravage your skin. They rob you of vital moisture […]

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Rainforest Secret To Youthful Skin

People in the Amazon refer to it as “the pharmacy in a fruit,” because of its numerous health benefits. It’s called cupuaçu (pronounced “koop-oo-ah-soo”) and it’s the Amazon rainforest’s secret to radiant, youthful-looking skin. I first encountered the super fruit a few years back while trekking through a remote part of the Brazilian rainforest. I […]

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Sunscreen In A Pill…

Getting sunshine every day protects you against major diseases. That includes osteoporosis, heart disease and even cancer. But too much sun can also damage your skin and speed up aging. Mainstream skin doctors have only one solution. They tell you to slather your skin with commercial sunscreens. As usual, mainstream medicine has it wrong – […]

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Wrinkles Be Damned …

Do you believe in the Fountain of Youth? I do. But not in the way you think. For me, the Fountain of Youth isn’t a magical spring that brings youth back to those who drink or bathe in its waters. Instead, it’s an internal source of youthfulness and vitality that can be developed and tapped […]

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Antioxidant For Younger-Looking Skin

Staying active is a cornerstone of any anti-aging plan. That’s why I rarely let a day go by without a high-intensity workout. Biking is one of my favorite activities, and here in Florida, I can ride my bike all year. But outdoor activity is a double-edged sword. A high-intensity workout strengthens your heart and lungs, […]

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Better Than Spa Skin

As an anti-aging doctor, my goal has always been to help you get better with age. You deserve not just the absence of disease, but to know what you can do to improve and how to take care of yourself in the best way you can for the most energy, the most vigor, and so […]

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Nature’s Anti-Aging Skin Cream

Women are living longer today than ever before. That’s the good news. But here’s the catch. You still go through menopause at about the same age. Perimenopause can start as early as your 35th birthday. And when menopause hits at around 50, your estrogen levels can drop by as much as 60%. So with a […]

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Cleanse, Repair And Rejuvenate In Minutes

Your skin is a miracle of design. It protects you from the elements, carries toxins out of your body, and allows you to touch, feel and explore the world. But your skin’s not built to withstand a daily bath of artificial chemicals. And that’s exactly what it gets when you use most commercial cleansers. It’s […]

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Super Antioxidant Is Your Skin’s Best Defense

Did you ever wonder why some people “look their age” and others don’t? As one of the country’s first board-certified anti-aging doctors, this question has been on my mind for a long time. Moisturizers and a good diet can help. But there are many exceptions to the rule. And you probably know a few at […]

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Enhance Your Skin And Take Out The Trash

You already know that your body sweats to cool you down. But perspiring is also your body’s natural way to get rid of waste and pollutants. The best part is, it rejuvenates your skin. Today you’ll learn about this safe and enjoyable method of detox. I’ll tell you from experience how you can benefit from […]

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Nature’s Most Perfect Hydration System

Tennis and cycling are two of my favorite sports. Here in South Florida, I can enjoy both year-round. But in the summer heat and humidity – which can last for five or six months here – it’s vital to stay hydrated. Sweat is your body’s way to keep cool when you’re active. As the water […]

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Is Your Sweet Tooth Giving You Wrinkles?

Here in South Florida, I see lots of patients with leathery, wrinkled skin. Even though the sun down here can be a powerful healing agent, too much of a good thing can damage skin. But over the past few years, I’ve noticed something strange. Patients with no sun damage or other risk factors are looking […]

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Melatonin Is Not Just For Sleep

    For many years I’ve been telling you about melatonin.  You probably know it as the sleep hormone.  It helps your body cycle down every night so you can rest. But you may not know this.  Melatonin is also a powerful anti-aging hormone that works directly on your skin. Today I’m going to show […]

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Nutrients For A More Youthful Look

Not too long ago, I introduced what I call the new “Hierarchy of Nutrition.” At the base of this hierarchy is Primal Nutrition. These are the nutrients you need for basic survival. Next on the hierarchy comes Ortho Nutrition. The word, “ortho,” means to straighten. Ortho Nutrition includes the nutrients necessary to counter the toxins […]

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Biggest Skin Benefits From Telomeres

You already know that your telomeres are like a ticking biological clock. Each time your cells divide, a tiny bit of each telomere gets used up. Over time, these telomeres get shorter and shorter until your DNA can no longer make correct copies, and that cell stops working. This process happens slowly, and it makes […]

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Bright New Skin In Just Days

Recently I’ve noticed that many of my patients are suffering from what I call “sick skin.”  Their complexion looks dull and tired. It’s lost that glow we all associate with youth and good health. Sick skin comes from living in a modern world full of thousands of man-made chemicals. Those toxins seep into the deepest […]

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Unique Natural Healing For Winter Skin

Winter wind and cold temperatures suck the moisture right out of your skin. And even though I’m in Africa, where the weather is moderate, winter in the U.S. has seen some low temperatures already. Even where my office is in the south, we get used to humidity, but wintertime weather changes can leave you with […]

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Younger Skin From Your Dinner Plate?

I travel over 20,000 miles a year uncovering exotic healing herbs from all around the world. But there are also some incredible healing herbs right here at home. They’re loaded with plant chemicals called flavonoids that can have important anti-aging benefits. You see, your body pulls off a neat trick when it comes to eating […]

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Is Your Moisturizer Drying Your Skin?

When I was trekking through the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, I hardly recognized my own skin. It was as supple and plump as a child’s. No hint of rough skin. You see, it’s just about impossible to become dehydrated in a rainforest. Unfortunately, we can’t all live in the rainforest. We live in much drier […]

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New Recipe For “New” Skin

There sure is a lot of buzz about some of the trendy new cosmetic products on the market. It seems like every woman who comes to my wellness center asks me about one of them or the other … lip plumping, eyelash lengthening, the newest surgeries… the list goes on. But you don’t need these […]

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Sacred Skin Saving Gift

In just a couple of months I’ll be headed back to Africa. I’m lucky that we have a nice little house we turn into our base, in Kampala Uganda. But I don’t spend too much time there… the real work I do is out in the jungles and on the plains, looking for lost healing […]

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Are These Demons In Your Beauty Products?

Recently I told you about some demons lurking in your beauty products. I’ve talked about formaldehyde in hair products and lead in lipstick. Today I want to shine a light on parabens. Big Beauty hides these chemicals in almost all of the personal care products you use every day. They’re in cosmetics, toothpaste, nail polish, […]

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Hydration, Healthy Skin And The Urge To “Go”

My new patient M.K. came to me feeling like her skin was dull and gray, and dry. She told me no other doctor could help her. So when she came to me, she was a little frustrated. As I spoke more with her she mentioned in passing that her bladder had begun “acting up.” That’s […]

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Remarkable skin rejuvenation

I saw the disbelief on my staff’s faces. Every expression around the conference table seemed to ask, “Is this for real?” “I’m not kidding,” I told them. “This is real skincare, the way it should be.” I had handed out copies of a new study where the women all had age-related skin problems. Yet a […]

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