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My Free 12-Minute Wrinkle Remedy

February 2, 2017 by  
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Every year, more than 2 million Americans shell out hundreds or even thousands of dollars for chemical peels and microdermabrasion procedures. Mostly women. They want to get rid of lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet. They want to look younger. I get it. But today I’m going to tell you about a proven wrinkle remedy that’s […]

Nature’s Healer For Dry, Sensitive Skin

February 2, 2017 by  
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Even though the humidity stays high for most of the year in South Florida, many of my patients have dry skin. And I know it’s worse for people who live in other parts of the country. Especially during the cold winter months, when you turn up the heat indoors. It’s like living in a desert! […]

To Banish Blemishes, Do This

January 5, 2017 by  
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I’ve treated enough female patients over the years to know that having smooth, blemish-free skin is important to all women — whether they’re 16 or 46. But dermatologists take a one-size-fits-all approach to treating skin problems like acne. They prescribe antibiotics, birth control pills or drugs. Here’s why that doesn’t work… The acne you get […]

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