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“Sacred Herb” in the Amazon Reverses & Prevents Skin Aging


DNA — which carries your genetic blueprint — is very fragile and under constant attack from free radicals. Every day, thousands upon thousands of your DNA strands are damaged by oxidation. The only way to truly reverse common signs of aging, like fine lines and wrinkles, is to promote DNA repair. And breakthroughs in modern […]

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Embarrassed French Beauty Experts Missed This

south american snail

French women are famous around the world for their effortless style, slender physiques and flawless skin. In fact, there’s an expression about their chic elegance called “the art of being French.” So imagine their embarrassment when their famous beauty experts completely overlooked one of the world’s best skin-saving secrets. Even though this “secret” was right […]

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Get the confidence to go makeup-free


I have exciting news to share with you. It’s about an important anti-aging technology breakthrough. This discovery harnesses your body’s own powerful healing factors to repair and regenerate your skin. It can take years off your appearance. And give you the confidence you need to walk out your door with no make-up on. There’s no […]

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Revive Your Tired Holiday Eyes


The holidays are full of friends, family and fun. But this time of year can also leave you overwhelmed and overstressed. Your already busy schedule ends up on overload… Plus the cold, dry winter weather takes a toll on your skin. It all adds up. You end up with tired, dry, sagging eyes. Wrinkles become […]

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Whitening toothpastes do THIS to your teeth…


I met my wife Barbara when I was writing my second PACE book. I was working on the design when a friend recommended her to model for the cover. My wife Barbara has such a beautiful, glowing smile. We quickly became friends and soon I invited her out to dinner. She told me that she […]

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Detox your summer skin


This time of year is hard on your skin. And it’s more than just sweating a lot from being in the hot summer sun. All that time spent outdoors exposes your skin to toxins from our modern world. In fact, you are bombarded by more than 80,000 chemicals in the air, water and soil every […]

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4 pounds of lead in your lipstick


If you’re like my wife, you won’t leave the house without your lipstick on… You don’t feel dressed without it. I get it. Women spend hundreds — if not thousands — every year on personal care products and makeup.  It’s a $50 billion industry in the U.S.  But our government requires NO testing of these […]

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Try Nature’s Own Chanel No. 5


If you’re like a lot of the women in my office, you spritz on some perfume before leaving the house in the morning. A captivating scent makes a woman feel confident… beautiful… sexy… But today’s perfumes aren’t made the way your grandmother’s perfume was. Perfumes used to be made from natural things like flowers and […]

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Do You Know This Backyard Beauty Secret?


It never ceases to amaze me how much money women are willing to spend on beauty products that just don’t work. They’ll order jars of overpriced cream from France and tubes of useless lotion from Italy… They’ll pay exorbitant shipping charges… hoping to discover the anti-aging pot of gold. The truth is many of these […]

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