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Can Two Nuts A Day Keep Your Thyroid Healthy

More and more women who come to me as patients share the same problem — they just can’t to lose weight. They tell me they’ve tried everything with no success. The first thing I check is their thyroid. You see, thyroid issues are starting to become epidemic. A staggering 21 million women in America have […]

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My Down And Dirty Depression Cure

Gardening has been a passion of mine since I was a kid. And because I live in a subtropical climate, I get to garden all year long. I have vibrant hibiscus blossoms the size of dinner plates. And the smell of the jasmine is sweeter than any perfume. But gardening is good for more than […]

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This Fruit Tops Big Pharma’s Hit List

I encourage my patients to eat lots of pink grapefruit. It’s so easy to find here in South Florida. In fact, many of my patients have grapefruit trees growing right in their own backyards. But most doctors only mention this luscious fruit when they tell you to avoid it. That’s because grapefruit and grapefruit juice […]

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Stop The Nightly Tingling Torture

Big Pharma has a pill for every “disease” under the sun… They even invent diseases just so they can provide a cure! This is exactly what happened with “restless leg syndrome.” That’s when you have an itchy, creepy-crawly feeling in your legs and an urge to move them, especially at night. About 10 years ago, […]

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Jamaica’s Morning Energy Trick

Big Pharma has made a fortune convincing the world to take its chemical drugs. A lot of these “cures” work by poisoning part of your body. They’re toxic. For thousands of years, people used food as medicine. It worked then and it works now. That’s why whenever I travel I like to try the local […]

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The REAL Reason You’ve Got The Blues

Big Pharma has made a fortune on women with the blues. Most doctors are quick to offer not just one but multiple pills for everything from a low mood to major depression. The market for antidepressants and antipsychotics is $24 billion just in the US. Close to 15% of the population now takes these drugs […]

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Common Spice With Uncommon Anti-Aging Power

I log more than 20,000 frequent flyer miles every year in my search for natural cures and remedies from around the globe. In fact, I just arrived in Africa a few days ago! Africa is home to thousands of healing herbs that traditional healers have used to treat and prevent illness and disease for thousands […]

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My “No Excercise” Sweat Therapy

An old TV commercial for deodorant told women to “never let them see you sweat.” It worked… Last year, consumers spent $19 billion dollars on antiperspirants and deodorants. Just to block sweat.1 I understand that as a woman, you want to smell fresh and clean. But sweat isn’t the enemy. In fact, sweating is the […]

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3 Easy Ways To Beat Yeast

If you’ve never had a yeast infection, brace yourself… it’s probably just a matter of time. A full 75% of women have had at least one in their lifetime. But recently, I’ve been seeing more and more women who are getting yeast infections four or more times in a single year. Yeast can be a […]

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Fix Your Thyroid Without Synthetic Hormones

Your thyroid is under attack — and mainstream medicine hasn’t got a clue how to fix it. You see, it’s not a coincidence that the increased onslaught of toxins in our environment has led to a surge in thyroid dysfunction. This is an especially important issue for women. Of the 27 million diagnosed cases of […]

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What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About Diabetes

When it comes to treating type 2 diabetes, taking care of your mitochondria is just as important as keeping your blood sugar in check. In fact, dozens of chronic diseases are now linked to mitochondrial dysfunction. It doesn’t surprise me at all, because mitochondria are the power generators in every single cell in your body. […]

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The Air You Breathe Is Making You Fat!

I just read a study that stunned me. It suggested that the air we breathe is making us fat. A researcher from Duke University placed two groups of rats in separate chambers. One group was exposed to Beijing’s super toxic air. That city has some of the worst air pollution in the world. The second […]

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Is Your Toothpaste Dangerous?

Something you are exposed to every day — something you’ve been told is good for you — is actually a dangerous toxin. That toxin is fluoride, which is linked to an array of potentially serious health problems — and there’s practically no way to avoid it. Almost 70% of Americans get fluoride from their water […]

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Forget Sleeping Pills- Try Nature’s Tranquilizer

Don’t let your doctor prescribe you sleeping pills, even if you have insomnia. I know it’s tempting, because when you can’t sleep, you’re not just miserable — you’re making yourself unhealthy. You see, your circadian rhythms — the 24-hour cycles that make up your internal body clock — are involved in everything from sleep and mood […]

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Essential For Beating Depression

Whenever I peel an orange and the smell of fresh citrus fills the room, I have the sense that it’s affecting my body at a deeper level. In fact, as I breathe it in, the scent actually makes me feel good. Oranges – including their peel – are packed with health-giving vitamin C. Although vitamin […]

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Thyroid Disorder Link to Breast Cancer

More than 21 million women in America suffer from thyroid dysfunction — and the chances are their doctors aren’t telling them it could be a precursor to breast cancer. I’m not telling you this to scare you, but to let you know that hyper- and hypothyroidism can be prevented — and so can your risk […]

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How Women Can Reduce Their Diabetes and Heart Disease

Most doctors don’t get that heart disease in women looks very different than it does in men. And they don’t get that it often begins with type 2 diabetes — and that women are at much greater risk. I’ve observed the diabetes-heart disease connection in women for years at my Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine […]

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Telemedicine: Online Doctor Consultations From Your Home

My “telemedicine” service at the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine has been helping patients worldwide for almost six months now. And it has already exceeded my expectations. I began in the middle of July offering private consultations with me or my clinical team from the comfort of your own home — or elsewhere — through […]

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Cardiologists A Threat To Women?

Cardiologists have let you down badly. Most of them can’t even recognize the heart disease symptoms that are specific to women. That’s bad news, because heart disease kills one of every four women in the U.S. — and all those heart drugs and standard surgeries are not effective, especially for women. Today, I’m going to […]

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Your Master Hormone Balancer

  Your life is much tougher than your mother’s or your grandmother’s was. You have much more stress than they ever did. And it never seems to let up. Today’s world is fast-paced, pressured, and chaotic. That means cortisol – your body’s stress hormone – is constantly turned on. Why is that a problem? Your […]

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Natural For Women, Too

When women come to my practice feeling depressed, fatigued and uninterested in sex, they often have one thing in common… low testosterone. I get funny looks when I tell them that. That’s because few people associate the “male hormone” testosterone with women’s health problems. And even fewer doctors test women for it. But that’s a […]

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Middle Eastern Delicacy Cuts Cancer Risk

If you’re like many of the women who visit my Palm Beach Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine, your greatest fear can be summed up in one word — cancer. That’s why I often discuss the best ways of cutting your cancer risk with patients. This is not what you’ll hear from your doctor. Traditional medicine will […]

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Beware Mammograms Can Cause Cancer

It’s that time of year again. Everything turns a bright shade of pink and women are urged to get their annual mammogram. Mainstream doctors will tell you a mammogram is the best way to save yourself from breast cancer. The sad truth is that mammograms are a billion-dollar industry that does much more harm than […]

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Controversial Oxygen Therapy Zaps Cancer

Get more oxygen into your blood, and it instantly destroys infections, bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Oxygen can even destroy cancer cells without harming healthy cells. In today’s world, getting oxygen to your cells is not as easy as it used to be. Even simple nutritional deficiencies like a lack of omega-3s can prevent oxygen from […]

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