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Can Two Nuts A Day Keep Your Thyroid Healthy

More and more women who come to me as patients share the same problem — they just can’t to lose weight. They tell me they’ve tried everything with no success. The first thing I check is their thyroid. You see, thyroid issues are starting to become epidemic. A staggering 21 million women in America have […]

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“Magic Bean” Zaps Hunger Hormones

Most people think losing weight is simply a matter of willpower, but it’s not that simple. You see, your appetite is regulated by what I call your “hunger hormones.” And nature has created one of the best ways to keep those hormones in check and help you lose weight naturally. It’s the white kidney bean. […]

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Look The Way Nature Intended

Since the ’70s, at least a half-dozen Big Pharma drugs have been approved only to get shelved, because they ended up causing serious health problems. These problems have ranged from psychiatric and neurologic disorders to increased risks of heart attacks and strokes. The side effects have also included depression, vomiting, fainting, headaches, high blood pressure […]

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Ways to Relieve Stress – And Help Lose Weight – Naturally

Many of my women patients overeat for one simple reason — they’re stressed. But “comfort eating” doesn’t fix the problem — and usually it makes you feel even worse later on. Over-the-counter pills, gym memberships and fad diet plans can also leave you frustrated with unsatisfactory results. You see, stress and anxiety have undesired effects […]

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Natural Mood-Boosters Of The Mayas And Aztecs

Women’s lives have never been busier. I can see it in the anxiety levels of my patients as soon as they walk into my clinic. You also suffer more emotional stress than your male counterparts and you’re twice as likely as men to be diagnosed with depression.1 And numerous studies prove that environmental toxins and […]

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The “Ultimate Diet Cure”

Everyone’s talking about intermittent fasting these days. And I’m pleased to see it’s now entering the mainstream. Intermittent fasting — or “periodic” fasting, as it’s sometimes called — is one of the most powerful ways to lose weight I know of. It forces your body to burn fat instead of sugar as its main fuel […]

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Supplements That Save Lives And Bucks

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you about the high cost of medical care these days. The fact is that as costs continue to skyrocket, more and more Americans are driven into bankruptcy, because they cannot pay their medical bills. Too often, they even lose their homes. You may have even lost a neighbor […]

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Women Need More Of This Anti-Cancer Vitamin

In my practice, I see a big difference in vitamin levels between women and men… especially when it comes to vitamin B12. Many more women come to my Wellness Center with low B12 levels. In a minute, I’ll explain why that’s happening. But first, I want you to understand that low vitamin B12 can be […]

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One Supplement Everyone Should Take

Last week, I was talking to my staff about some of the most powerful anti-aging strategies I’ve found over the years. And I told them about a group of supplements each of them should be taking. Supplements are extremely important to my anti-aging health and beauty plans. In fact, they’re key components in my Nutrition […]

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The Snack That Prevents Breast Cancer

You never want to hear this from a doctor: “You have breast cancer.” But sadly breast cancer strikes one in every seven women. And in North America, a woman dies of the disease every 12 minutes. Pink campaigns raise billions of dollars every year to find “the cure.” And mainstream medicine has built a whole […]

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Eat Fat To Lose Fat…

After three and a half decades of low-fat dieting, the sad truth is that Americans are fatter than ever. And women have been hurt the most. Let me explain. In my experience, men are less concerned about following health advice, especially about the food they eat. But women take care of their family’s health. They […]

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The Surprising Truth About Calories

It seems that mainstream medicine has just discovered you can get fat without eating more. And you don’t have to eat less to lose weight.1 I was as surprised by this revelation as they were – although not quite in the same way. The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), a very prestigious medical […]

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What You Need To Know About Beauty Energy

The holidays are always fun for me. But for many of my patients, they can be downright exhausting. Running around, stress, and worry can wear you out. It can even be tiring having a lot of fun. We feel the most run down during the busiest times. But our bodies are still humming along even […]

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This Vitamin Could Save Your Life

For years, I’ve recommended that my patients take a special family of super-nutrients with the power to boost their health and save their lives in at least a half a dozen ways. I’m talking about tocotrienols, an especially potent form of vitamin E. Tocotrienols, which comprise four out of the eight types of vitamin E, […]

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Nutrients For A More Youthful Look

Mainstream dermatologists have made us afraid to go out in the sun. And the $6 billion dollar sunscreen industry reaps the profits from their fear campaign. But the truth is that the sun is the source of life and health. Our Primal ancestors depended on the sun to thrive. So it begs the questions: Has […]

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Are Your Telomeres In Trouble?

Living in the 21st century affords you many luxuries. High-speed computers… cell phones… air conditioning and LCD TVs. But the chemicals and industrial solvents that make them possible are poisonous. We’re now floating in a sea of space-age, lab-created, synthetic molecules. And they’re flowing through your blood as you read this letter. They’re a part […]

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New Benefit From Oldest Nutrition

I have an important new way of thinking about nutrients that I want to tell you about. If you’re a member of my Confidential Cures newsletter you already know a bit about my Nutrition Pyramid. Today for you in Ageless Beauty Secrets I want to tell you why this is important for anti-aging. There are […]

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You Weren’t Designed To Live Here

Calcium is everywhere these days. It’s hard to get away from it even if you try. They put it in bread, milk, orange juice, pasta, yogurt, toothpaste, chewing gum, snack crackers and granola bars… it’s even in your water, depending on where you live. That’s a lot of calcium. Even with all that calcium, modern […]

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How To Make Any Food A Superfood

Have you ever wondered how our ancestors kept their food from spoiling? After all, not so long ago there was no refrigeration. There was no pasteurization. But there was fermentation. Most traditional cultures used fermentation. It’s how they preserved food and made it safe for eating. Grape juice was fermented into wine more than 8,000 […]

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Inside Secrets to Natural Weight Loss

I was the queen of dieting. I fell for every weight loss gimmick and fad out there. I was so desperate to be thin that I think I would have slept standing on my head if someone said it worked. There is just so much pressure as a woman to be thin. No matter where […]

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Are These “Health” Foods Killing Your Metabolism?

My patients often ask, “What can I eat to boost my metabolism?” It’s a good question. If you increase your metabolism even a little you’ll burn more fat. That can mean losing weight without feeling starved. But adding metabolism-boosting foods may not be enough. In fact, you could load up on metabolism boosters every day […]

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More Than A Vitamin

Even more than Florida, the one constant in Africa is the sun. And I just read about another important benefit we get from sunshine. I’ve showed you how vitamin D is more than a vitamin – that it also works as a hormone. Now we know that it’s even more than a hormone. A new […]

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Is This the World’s Healthiest Fat?

Not too long ago, I wrote an article about coconut oil. I’d been inspired by all the coconuts floating in the “lake” Hurricane Isaac had created after dumping two feet of rain around my house here in South Florida. A surprising number of people wrote to ask why I’d talk about the benefits of an […]

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Rebuild your aging bones

Boniva, Fosamax, Actonel, and those other drugs for thinning bones have become really big business for big pharma. Now it appears that whole system has provided more profit for the drug companies than benefit for the patients. A German research team recently dug a little deeper with a disturbing discovery. The first thing researchers saw […]

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