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Word’s Getting Out About Fat


I discovered something not long ago that surprised me. It turns out our Primal ancestors ate a lot more fat than we previously believed, and this helped their bodies and brains thrive — turning us into the species that we are today.1 Nora Gedgaudas, author of the best-selling Primal Body, Primal Mind, will be speaking […]

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Trust Your Gut Reaction


Today’s fake foods destroy your gut. As a matter of fact, our modern diet is downright hostile to it. Especially for women… It starts with eating a diet that’s high in fake fats, chemical additives and carbage — the starchy, processed and over-industrialized junk that passes for food today. Your body is host to millions […]

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Big Agra’s Fake “Superfood”


Today, more people know about the dangers of eating soy. So Big Agra’s advertising team got to work creating a new “health benefit” to sell you on buying more of this fake superfood… They now say that eating soy builds strong bones. Researchers wanted to test how soy impacts a woman’s bones after menopause. But […]

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How to Boost Your Skin’s Sun Defense


Eat Red Foods to Boost Your Skin’s Sun Defense Our primal ancestors could spend more time out in the sun because their diets were rich in the nutrients that protect your skin. Modern industrial food companies have stripped these nutrients from our food supply. To condition your skin for a day in the sun without […]

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Primal Prozac?


Patty D. is a new patient who came to my South Florida clinic four months ago. She’d been diagnosed as pre-diabetic and read about my diabetes protocol. She wanted to get healthier without Big Pharma’s pills. After reviewing her labs, I immediately started Patty on my Primal Power Meal Plan for elevated A1C levels. And […]

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What are the Health Benefits of Wine and Chocolate?


By now you know the amazing health benefits you get when you drink a glass of red wine or a cup of cocoa… That’s from resveratrol — the powerful antioxidant in both wine and hot chocolate. It can: Red wine contains a potent antioxidant that provides powerful health benefits for your body — and your […]

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Chocolate for Diabetes


If your house is anything like mine after the holidays, you probably have lots of leftover sweets and candies. This is also the time of year when you see lots of articles hyping chocolate’s health benefits. I saw one recently that said eating 3.5 ounces of chocolate a day — that’s a large Dove bar, […]

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Diabetes and 100 Pounds — Gone!


When Louise first came to see me, her Syndrome Zero symptoms were out of control. But one year later, she regained her health — while shedding 100 pounds. And she’s not done yet! Lousie had one of the worst cases of diabetes and Syndrome Zero I’ve ever seen at my clinic. And she didn’t even […]

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Samurai Secret Succeeds Where Chemo Fails


Buddhist monks used Matcha for centuries to help keep them mentally focused for long periods of meditation. Then during the 13th century, the monks introduced Matcha to samurai warriors to drink before battle. It gave them increased energy and endurance. But today, researchers in the U.K. have found a new benefit for the ancient powdered […]

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