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Have a Sweet Holiday!


By now, I’m sure you’ve heard about chocolate’s benefits. I’ve seen it reported in magazines and on the evening news. But I have new evidence that makes chocolate even sweeter. There are two new things we now know about chocolate. First, I have evidence that eating chocolate can cut your risk from dying of stroke […]

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The Sweet Way Heal Your Wounds

For years now, sugar’s been a dirty word. It’s been blamed for everything from obesity, heart disease and diabetes to tooth decay and acne. But there’s something they don’t know. Sugar’s better for you than all those artificial sweeteners and substitutes out there today … especially the ones you’ll find in so-called “diet” products. In […]

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3 Steps for Bright Eyes Naturally


Clear, bright eyes are important when you want to look your best, whether it’s for a date or a business meeting. So when your eyes are bloodshot from lack of sleep, eye strain, allergies, or constant rubbing, it’s easy to grab a bottle of Visine or Clear Eyes to whiten them up.

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New Research: Fat Cures Wrinkles

Dear Beauty Conscious Reader, I just read a piece of brand-new research that’s going to make you break out in a big, fat grin. Researchers studied the elasticity and hydration of women’s faces and discovered that those who ate more saturated fat had fewer wrinkles.1 If you lived in a primitive culture like the ones […]

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What Your Eyebrows May Be Telling You

Dear Health Conscious Reader, I don’t know about you, but I pluck my eyebrows. I like how nice and clean it makes my eye area look. A little grooming with a pair of tweezers is one thing. But if the outer third of your eyebrow falls out on its own, that’s a different story. If […]

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Dentists’ Dirty Little Secret

It’s a well-known fact that mercury is toxic. It’s also a fact that “silver” amalgam fillings in your teeth contain mercury. When the mercury escapes from your fillings and into your bloodstream, a lot of serious health problems can result. Sleep disturbances, memory loss, muscle weakness, high blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, and swelling… just to […]

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Why 75% of Americans Don’t Get Enough Vitamin D

The national campaign to keep us out of the sun has finally caught up with us. The result? A study from the prestigious Archives of Internal Medicine found that an astounding three out of four Americans don’t get enough vitamin D. Here’s why you should care:

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Say Goodbye to Acne

If you suffered from acne as a teenager, you know how hard it can be. The anxiety and embarrassment can be overwhelming. In my own practice, hundreds of teenagers – and many adults too – have come to me for answers after seeing every dermatologist in town. My solution? A better diet. If you could […]

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