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5 Steps To Supermodel Slim

It’s so great to see supermodels these days who are healthy-looking and not stick-thin.

Sure, some models starve themselves to stay thin, but what about the rest of them? I wanted to know their secrets.

So I started doing a little research and stumbled upon some of the best-kept secrets in the modeling industry. And they all had one thing in common… boosting your metabolism.

Your metabolism is like your body’s inner personal trainer. It works 24 hours a day using calories as fuel to give your body the energy it needs. But as you get older, your metabolism slows down. This is what can account for stubborn excess fat even if you watch what you eat and exercise.

Glass of water with ice

Boost your metabolism by drinking water with ice.

But thanks to the healthy supermodels, I now know a few tricks these smart women have up their sleeves that keep their metabolisms running at full speed.

Here are the top five ways to help you get your own super-charged, supermodel metabolism:

    1. Drink your water on the rocks. If you tend to drink cool or room temperature water, try throwing in some ice cubes. Everyone who knows me knows I love my water icy cold. By drinking ice water, you can bump up your metabolism because your body uses extra energy to heat it up. Don’t forget to drink water throughout your day either… many times you think you’re hungry when you’re really just thirsty.


    1. Spice it up! Next time you’re preparing a delicious dinner or going out to your favorite restaurant, pick a dish with a little extra spice. Black pepper, ginger, chili peppers and cinnamon all help accelerate your metabolism because they’re thermogenic. They raise your body temperature and help you drop the excess fat a little faster.


    1. It’s tea time! Asian cultures have been onto the metabolism-stimulating qualities of green tea for thousands of years. Green tea works to keep your blood sugar in check and helps keep fat from being stored. It’s also a great natural appetite suppressant. But what’s even better about this lovely green beverage is that one of the components – ECGC – is also thermogenic. Have a couple of cups a day (skip the sugar and cream) and you’ll notice a difference.


    1. Eat… more! That’s right. You must eat, especially if you’re trying to drop a little weight. Eating more often helps your metabolism do its job. But you have to choose the right types of food. Do your best to stay away from processed foods and make sure you have some protein at each meal – don’t forget to load up on those veggies! Also try to scatter your meals throughout the day into five or six small ones, instead of three larger meals. This will keep your inner furnace constantly burning and your metabolism running high.
      Extra tip: Eat before you become too hungry so you don’t eat everything in sight (yes, it’s happened to me!).


  1. Pump up the intensity. Swap out long, boring workouts for short bursts of progressively intense exertion — like in Dr. Sears’ PACE fitness program. PACE consists of short rounds of intense activity (think jumping jacks, pushups, lunges, etc.) followed by brief periods of rest. The best part is that your metabolism stays fired up even after you’re finished. In fact, your body will keep using up calories to recover from your workout for up to 24 hours.

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