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What Your Nail Color Says About You

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and women everywhere are thinking about what to wear on their special day. Don’t forget to think about your nails as part of your wardrobe. What does your nail color say about you? Do you ever look at other people’s nails and immediately get an impression about their […]

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Pamper the Sexiest Part of Your Body

“Aren’t they just the sexiest part of the body?” I overheard this intriguing comment in my office. Then … “Not just sexy… almost erotic. My guy loves it when they’re really soft and smooth. And he can always tell when I’ve had them done because that’s when I pull out my sundresses and strappy sandals. […]

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What Your Eyebrows May Be Telling You

Dear Health Conscious Reader, I don’t know about you, but I pluck my eyebrows. I like how nice and clean it makes my eye area look. A little grooming with a pair of tweezers is one thing. But if the outer third of your eyebrow falls out on its own, that’s a different story. If […]

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