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Mega-Menopause: How To Beat This Invisible Enemy

There’s an “invisible enemy” haunting women… It’s flowing through your blood right now as you read this letter… and it’s commanding every cell in your body to act in ways that make you feel like you’re losing your sanity. You see, the vast amount of chemicals, compounds and toxins at the center of our high-tech […]

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Spring into Action

Reshape Your Attitude – Springtime has a way of raising your spirits, especially if you tend to suffer from the winter blues. Make the most of this uplifting time and write out a list of all the things for which you feel grateful.

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Putting Myself in a Womans Shoes

Dear Beauty Reader, I just read a study that proves how dangerous those drugs that are labeled “HRT” are. I call them drugs because they’re not real hormones. Hormones have to be made in your body, and these are synthetically created. I can’t help but get mad at this. I’m so tired of women being […]

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The Sugar Cube Factory Wants to Make You Happy

How would you feel if you received a kind message from a stranger? Did you know that being kind to others could dramatically increase your level of happiness? In the last 10 years there has been an explosion of studies and movements around positive psychology (the study of happiness) and especially the study of kindness […]

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How You Can Get the Lead Out

“I didn’t know SAM-e was so inexpensive!” K.B. is always cheerful, but she sounded even more happy than usual. I like when my employees are excited about our products. But they usually tell me how well Accel works, or rave about the new Pure Radiance mineral makeup. SAM-e doesn’t come up much. “I just went […]

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Which Foods Give You a Beautiful Smile?

Recent studies have shown that what you eat can have both a positive and a negative impact on your oral health. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) wants to help uncover the smile secrets in your kitchen with an e-booklet entitled, Recipes for a Healthier Smile, featuring delicious new recipes using key ingredients to […]

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How to Be Smart Sexy and Energetic

You might say the “Big O” is at the center of everything… And of course, that sudden release or wave of pleasure is what most of us crave most about sex. But is there something better? Something that’s even MORE satisfying?

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As a Woman, You Need to Know This

When I put my hands on my patient T.H.’s stomach and saw her wince, I knew she was in a lot of pain… “It hurts all the time. The other doctors I went to told me they don’t know what caused it. I could either live with it, or get a… hysterectomy.” I knew from […]

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