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The Ancient Art of Beautiful Brows

Hate to Pluck? Try the Thread

I’m glad to see “bold eyebrows” are back in style. I’ve never enjoyed plucking… or having burning hot wax poured onto my face.

But even with fuller brows, many women still want some shaping or grooming every now and then.

Some clients have asked me about laser hair removal. While this is a good permanent solution, it can only be used to treat the area above the brow. Treating the area below is risky because it’s too close to the eye. As a result, many reputable cosmetic centers no longer offer or recommend this treatment.

That could be why a practice called eyebrow threading is gaining popularity.

It might sound a little strange if you’ve never seen it done. But you’ll be happy to know “eyebrow threading” has nothing to do with needles, so don’t let the name fool you.

It may be newly popular, but eyebrow threading is not new. It’s an ancient hair removal practice that’s common in India, China, Egypt and the Middle East.

The practitioner uses a pure, twisted cotton thread — and nothing else. There are no sharp instruments or chemicals involved.

Sometimes one end of the thread is anchored around the technician’s fingers, other times it is anchored in her mouth. (It’s important to know that this end of the thread will never touch your skin.) The other end is looped around the unwanted hair. A series of quick movements remove the hair at the root. Sessions can last anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes.

Unlike plucking, multiple hairs can be removed at a time, allowing for more precise eyebrow shaping. And unlike waxing, there’s no risk of burns.

Eyebrow threading

Eyebrow threading is an ancient method of hair removal that’s been practiced for centuries.

Many women report that threading is less painful than plucking, but it’s different for everyone. The first session can be more painful than the repeat visits.

If you’re thinking of trying threading, remember to take these precautions:

  1. Only let an experienced professional thread your eyebrows.
  2. Be sure that the technician has washed his or her hands thoroughly.
  3. Verify that a clean thread and towel are being used. These things should never be used on more than one client — this spreads germs and can cause infections on broken skin.

Redness in the threading area is usually temporary and should disappear within a few hours. For best results, apply soothing aloe vera after treatment to calm inflammation in the skin. See your doctor or dermatologist if any persistent irritation occurs.

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Kamila Fiore, ARNP, NP-C

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[Ed. Note: Kamila Fiore is the resident Nurse Practitioner at the Sears’ Center for Health and Wellness in Royal Palm Beach, Fla. Kamila is passionate about taking a natural approach to healthcare. She believes it’s a vital necessity in this day and age – a time when our health is being jeopardized by the chemicals, toxins and processes that are incorporated in almost everything we consume, touch or breathe. She earned her Master of Science degree in Nursing from the University of Florida and became state-licensed and board-certified in 2007. Her professional experience includes Aesthetics, Internal Medicine/Geriatrics and Anti-Aging. Kamila educates her patients on health promotion and disease prevention.]

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