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How I Feed My Face

I love to eat delicious, nutritious food. It makes me feel fantastic when I get to eat the foods I love and give myself all the nutrients I need to keep aging backwards… from the inside. But I feed myself on the outside, too. Here’s what I mean: As you age, your skin starts losing […]

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Day-Old Hair… Should You Dare?

Some mornings I wake up and I’m not sure how I feel… should I or shouldn’t I? There are women out there who are blessed with hair that looks better after a few days without washing. But if you’re like me, you may feel like you need to re-vamp yesterday’s perfect coif. Problem is, you […]

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A Silky Skin-Care Solution

I’m sure you’ve heard by now of the incredible anti-aging nutrient called resveratrol. But there’s something you should know… if you only take it as a supplement, you’re missing out. Not only can resveratrol help you stay youthful from the inside, it can also help make you look younger on the outside.

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Your Once-a-Week Face Brightener

There’s one simple piece of advice I give to every woman who’s frustrated with her skin. It takes just a few minutes, but it’s the easiest way to: Minimize your pores Even out your skin tone Chase away those red marks that linger from your last breakout Give your face a smoother appearance And even […]

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Tips for Ageless Beauty


With winter’s cold wind blowing right now, you may only be dreaming of relaxing on a warm sandy beach, playing 18 holes on your favorite golf course or just puttering around the garden on a beautiful sunlit day. And spending time in the sun not only feels good, it’s good for you.

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7 Ways to Shed Fat… Fast


The sad reality is: most weight-loss programs simply don’t work. The proof is that 90% or more of those people who lose weight when they diet or follow a weight loss plan will regain it all – and in some cases, even more – within 5 years.By studying the science behind human metabolism and weight […]

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